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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon 2014
Hi there!  Soooo sorry I am so late posting and joining in on the Book Blogger Love-A-Thon.  I signed up for this great again for the second year in a row and last week my Grandfather passed away.  Needless to say a few things that were planned have been pushed, cancelled or just forgotten to be taken care of.  I am currently in Texas and we have returned to the hotel from his wonderfully touching Home Going Celebration. 
Now on to spreading much more love around.  From family love to blogger love.  

Today is the official start of the 2014 Book Blogger Love-a-thon, hosted by Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands) & Alexa (Alexa Loves Books) It's a fun two days of spreading the love for book blogs and of course the bloggers behind them! Now's your chance to get to commenting, following, tweeting, saying thanks and so, much more. Plus, there are a bunch of mini-challenges, two Twitter chats and giveaways this year.

To Kick this off I want to introduce you all to a new-ish book blogger Nova Lee.  She has a cute blog called Out Of Time.  Every first post of Book Blogger Love-A-Thon starts with an interview swap.  So without further adieu here is my interview with Miss Nova Lee.
Out of Time
 Tell the readers about yourself and your blog
Well I'm a 13 YO book blogger from Canada and aside from that I'm very into music (as you can tell from my blog.) My blog is my proudest moment and one that took a long time to develop. I couldn't decide what to call it and how to design it so it took forever to get it just right, but now, it's perfect.
I agree I love it and your color choices are great!

How long have you been a book blogger?
I created a blog in Nov '12, but only started taking it seriously and put effort into it in June '13, it took a while! I know.
I think we all go though that too.

Where did you get the name Out of Time for your blog?
LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this question! Out of Time is two things at the same time. I constantly use the phrase out of time in real life; basically, I'm the kind of person who can't get their life straight and my overflowing TBR shelf (it's growing into 2 shelves...double stacked) is proof of that. I have no time ergo, I'm Out of Time.
Second meaning is Out of Time for music. Tempo (rhythm) is everything, so I'm glad there's something to relate back to music for my blog title!
That is so cleaver.  I love cleaver names and finding out where they come from.

What do you do when your not blogging?
Singing... reading... daydreaming... studying. I'm pretty normal in terms of my life.
Daydreaming is one of those things that I will never stop doing.

Apple or PC
PC. Macs confuse the HECK out of me.
Say What!?!  I'm an Apple girl through and through.  Once you switch you will kick yourself you didn't do it before.  Just saying!

One of the Best online tools you use as a book blogger is______________
iCloud. I know it really isn't a tool, but I have about 25 posts scheduled for going off and iCloud for my iPod and laptop has really helped in scheduling all of that.
I use iCloud for storage mostly.  I have to think about it for other stuff as well.  Thanks for the tip.

Best read of 2013 and why
Hm... TRICKY. I'll have to say The Program by Suzanne Young. Thank God I read it on the last days of December! It still counts :D It's a really heavy book on suicide that was so beautiful, it brought me to tears. Seriously, go read it if you haven't!
Great!!! Another TBR book on my list.  LOL!  I have heard about it and I will.  One day.

Favorite place to read
My desk because it's so uncomfortable, I can't fall asleep. I have a tendency to fall asleep while reading because I have concentration problems.
I love reading in my bed so if I do fall asleep I'm already in bed.  

If you had to stay on an island for 3 weeks and could only take 5 things, what would they be?
Food, water, books, my house (because I can do this) and a bridge stretching to wherever civilization is... (because I can also do this.)
HHmmm...  I have to think about that Bridge answer.  

Favorite and Least favorite things about blogging?
Ironically, favorite and least are the same. The people. I love the community, they're so nice, but I hate all the drama that happens and how everyone will gang up and attack one person, wrong or not. It's just a little scary thinking afterward.

Name a famous person you would love to meet in person.
Demi Lovato. She's such an inspiration and I just want to be mentored by her :)

Since I blog about purses too, take a picture of your purse/bag and tell us one odd thing you have in there.
I don't have a purse? DKM! I don't really use them and I'm too embarrassed to show you a pic of my backpack. lol. but a weird thing I carry in there is an extra case for my iPod...

Would you like to give a shout out to anyone?
Anyone I follow on twitter deserves a shout out, unfortunately, that's like 600 people. So yeah.

Thank you so much Nova for the great interview.  Sorry it took me forever to get it up and posted. 
Everyone here is Nova's Blog information.  Check her out and send her some Book Blogger Love.

 - Nova Lee Zaiden -


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