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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mini Bloggiesta: Finish Line

I did it!  Yep! I completed another Bloggiesta!
This time I got all of my goals done and more.  So much more!


1.  Update and organize my Challenge Page
2.  Update Goodreads reviews
3.  Update Reviews
4.  Clean up my Feedly reader and RSS reader.
Lord that is going to be a real project with 300+ blogs on it. This one is from my Book Blogging Goals and Resolutions 
I got all of the uncategorized blogs into categorizes.  Next Bloggiesta I'm going to get the Book Bloggers to less than 200.

Other Stuff

1.  Added a Thinglink account 
This is an amazing new feature.  Check out the book covers on my reviews.

2.  Added books I am/have read so far (this year) to the account 

3.  Commented on bloggers from Bloggiesta #39 -72

4.  Added Thinglink button to side bar.

5.  Made February post calendar.

How did you do with your Bloggiesta goals?

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