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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Want to Talk About: Page Views

Page Views are sooo Addictive!
I started out blogging two years ago and I had no idea anyone would be around or even care to read my blog.  So I said to myself..."We are blogging for the purpose of keeping track of the books I am reading and to have fun on a few memes, giveaways, mini-challenges and read-a-thons.  It not about being popular."
I never wanted the pressure of being a BIG blog.  You know what I mean.  Those blogs that get a half a million page views on a post about their book haul if it's linked to 200 other blogs or not.  The BIG blogs average 20 -25 comments when they do a post about a book they are just waiting on and on all of their reviews.  Most of these statements about BIG blogs are my thoughts and not based on any sort of fact at all.  (Just saying)  I just wanted to have a little storefront on Internet street.  
Most if not all of last year, I averaged 100 page views a day.  WAYYYY!! MORRE!!! than expected.  And I was happy with that.  Then December came...
In December, I started posting about 2 to 3 post a day (up from my 1 post a day) to do my 2013 End of the Year lists along with the last of the reviews I had piling up.  So needless to say, there was more going on here at My Little Pocketbooks.  The result of all of that work (plus a few giveaway hops) has boosted my page views to 200+ a day.

I know right!  I doubled my page views.  Just like that!  Wham!
So that means more content = more Page Views.
But now I am hooked on looking at my Page Views.  Why am I looking at them every single day now?  Why?  I am not suppose to care about them, right?  I am suppose to be blogging for me and only me.  But I check these stats daily.  And yes more than once a day.

Look at these! 
And this one!
I completely understand that a chunk of this is due to giveaway hops.  I Am a Reader Not a Writer has boosted my blog 100% from participating in her hops.  I have much love for her and all the work she does and much more respect.  
But now I am feeling like I care about Page Views.  I didn't until I hit the 200+ mark for a full week.  I didn't care but now I feel like I care too much.  I am willing to add myself to a million hops and blog events to get the traffic.  But why?  It's not suppose to be this way.  I have to stop and go back to blogging for fun.  Right?  I mean isn't that the purpose.  
I don't want to have the pressure of blogging added to my life (I already have to many things on my plate.)  But if I start blogging for page views the stress will be added and I won't have fun with it.  But I love the numbers!!!!!!
I Really Love The Numbers!
Please understand I am not complaining about them at all I am just shocked (mostly) and I am tickled PINK you all care enough to stop by and window shop.  
I love it!
*jumping off soap box and handing over the mic*

But am I the only one currently hooked on Page Views?

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