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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Diversity on the Shelf: Approved Books

Inspired by POC Reading Challenge
I love a great story and before I started blogging I never really payed much attention to authors.  But when I started book blogging, the lack of diversity was...overwhelming.  One of the reasons I wanted to do this reading challenge was to give book bloggers an opportunity to experience a few new authors and try something new.  I understand the mind set of going for what you know but diversity brings such a deep understanding into a culture and it's people and that spreads tolerance.  
I thought it was odd that so many book bloggers and readers would sign up for a reading challenge with an outside your box theme and they would never ever read a book by an author outside their race.  Reading a non-fiction book and a graphic novel all by authors within their own race was not (in my eyes) outside their box.  
To help the participates of the Diversity on the Shelf 2014 Reading Challenge (and to spread some diverse book love), I thought I would give you all a few titles each month to check out.  All of these books will fit perfectly into this reading challenge.  I will try to add a variety of genres (YA, Non-fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery) for you to cross challenges as well.

~ Approved Diversity Books ~
(click on the covers for more information about the books)
If you would like more links and resources, please check out this post.
If you want to join the Diversity on the Shelf 2014 reading challenge sign ups are still open until 12/01/2014.

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