My Little Pocketbooks: Last of the BEA13 Boxes: Part 4   
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Last of the BEA13 Boxes: Part 4

Ok this is the last of the BEA13 books.  I told you there were too many books at the event.  I know there is no such thing but BEA is way over my head.  LOL!  Too many free books and my hording got out of hand.  And you know what...I didn't even go to the last day.  There were just to many people, books and lines.  Four days long!!  Whew! 
Anywhoo!  Here is the last of it.

135. Last Chance Book Club (Last Chance, Book 5) by Hope Ramsay

Whew!  I think my fingers are tired!

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