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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013: Wrap Up

Done! and Done! OLE!

I almost forgot in my complete excitement to post my wrap up of Bloggiesta.  This was a most productive Bloggiesta I have had in awhile.  This one rocked!  
Here is what went down in the three days of getting my blogs back on track. 

 I removed Ads from my blog.  I have no idea why I put them there in the first place.  They are not making money for me so they had to go.

I updated my Current Giveaway widget.
I updated my Currently Reading widget
I updated my Twitter widget
I updated Reading Challenge Widget. 

I updated my Blog Roll.  There were a few blogs on there that are not blogging anymore.  
I removed my Grab My Button.  I love seeing my button on other blogs but I am not really into it anymore.  I mean I just want to blog for me and have a great time doing it.  It wasn't working on my blog and it was stressing me out so it had to go.
I fixed the Library Page because the spacing was off
I updated my Challenge Page.
I just backed up Blog.  Still makes me nervous and I have no idea why. LOL! 
I replied to comments and visited other blogs.
I completed 18 post and have 8 more in draft form and post ideas for 4 more.  Whew!
  I completed 3 reviews.  Now I have a few mini-reviews to do.
I completed 7 reviews on 

I created a Vlog Booktube channel.  I had no idea there was such a huge book tube community. I subscribed to 13 book tube channels and I have been watching and commenting and stalking them all.  I shot, edit and uploaded my first video.  I think I will be doing one a week.  Hopefully that is the plan right now.  Subscribe and win a new book.  (Click here

I posted Mocha Girls Read Book of the Month for October (My Soul to Keep by Tananarive Due)

  I posted the October Book of the Month to Goodreads group page.
I completed 50% of October's newsletter.
I completed one mini-challenge from The Book Wheel (50 Bookish Things)
I added Recent Post widget to the sidebar 
I finished one book 
And I got Bloggiesta Butt!  What is that you ask?  You know that numb feeling you get in your butt from sitting way to long.  When that happens during Bloggiesta it's called Bloggiesta Butt.  (I just made that up)
So how did you do over Bloggiesta?!

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