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Friday, September 20, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013: Day One

Ole!  Day One is done! Ole!
Here are my Day One stats:
Day One: September 20, 2103
My Bloggiesta To Do List:
- Remove Ads (They are not making money so they have to go)
- Update Reading Challenge Widget (I have fallen behind on this task)
- Update Blog Roll (There are a few blogs that are gone and new ones I want to add.)
- Remove Grab My Button (It doesn't work and I don't need it)
- Fix Library Page (The spacing is off)
- Update Challenge Page (The numbers are off)
- Back up Blog (I have never done this!  YIKKES!) This will be the last thing on Sunday night.
- Reply to comments (Of course)
- Complete post for the week (That is my weekly thing to do anyways)
- Complete 7 reviews on (So far behind on this one)
-Create a Vlog. (Youtube channel and all!) (Work in progress)
- Complete 2 1 Reviews (Need to write a review for Cleopatra's Moon and A Tree Grow in Brooklyn)
Mocha Girls Read Blog Goals
- Post Book of the Month
- Update Book of the Month Widget
- Update Library 
- Help new web manager with several items
 - Post Book of the Month to
-Complete October newsletter

Thoughts on Day One:
I completed 7 blog post.  Two of which are book reviews.  3 more to go!
After looking at everyone's to do list and leaving comments on their blog I had to add a few more things to my list.  I think I will hold off on most of these until the next Bloggieta but I just wanted to have a place somewhere to remember them.  The Bloggiesta list just keeps growing like my TBR pile.  LOL!  
I have also jumped around and commented on at least 10 blogs.  I will try and do the same again tomorrow. 
How did you do on day one?  Did you get a few things knocked off of your list?

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