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Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Still Here...No Really!

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OMG! I think I have really let things just fall of my plate.  I am still here and today I looked up and realized I haven't blogged in over one month.  I have NEVER, EVER gone this long with out saying...SOMETHING! to you guys.  

Boy do I have a ton of stuff to catch up on.  I have winners to announce for the month of June and all the post I was planning on doing in July, along with reviews for 6 books.  OMG!  6 Reviews!!!!  

My reading has slacked too *sigh*, to be honest.  I have been listening to audiobooks of books I have here at home.  Why you ask?  Well that way I can listen to it and read it.  Because just reading the book would take FOREVERRRR!  Oh!  That is part of another confession....*sigh* I am not reading that much.  No really!  
I have started CRACK! 
Not real crack!  
More like Candy Crush Saga.  That stupid game is my new crack.  Right now I am stuck on Level 165 and there are 400+ levels total.  And has taken away my reading/blogging/talking to friends time.  

I still have BEA books to tell you all about and that was way the heck back in May!!!  What have I done?!  

So there are so many post to do I thought I would start with this one today and update my pages and widgets first.  I have updated the Mocha Girls Read website 100%.  You know!  To ease back into it slowly.  So tomorrow *placing hand on the Bible* I promise to get a least 2 post done.  And pick winners for my June Birthday Giveaway.  
I know that is soooo late.  *Hand slapping forehead*

One more thing.... I will come by and visit and comment again.  I am thinking next week.  OK!  So don't give up on me.  I'm still here!!!!

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