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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Giveaway: Clear Tote from DSW

And this year I am turning the BIG...

Forty One!
Last week I posted 10 things from my list of 41 Things I Have Learned from being on this planet for this long.  Click here to see the post and to enter the first giveaway.
Here are 11 -20 of the 41 things I learned.  I figured I would pair it down to 4 post a week.  LOL!
*Pulling Soapbox to the mic*
*Stepping on soapbox*
*Taking out my notes*
11.  Karma is real.  No really, ALL of it will come back.  The good and the bad.
12.  If it hurts someone then it's wrong!
13.  Mistakes happen every day.  Just fix it and keep it moving.  
14.  Kindness goes along way.
15.  Evil things stick to you just like the good.  So prevent the amount of evil you are exposed to. (Books and Movies)
16.  Words have power!
17.  A smile is the best accessory you can ever wear. 
18.  Learn something new every single week.
19.  It's ok to ask for help!
20.  Think before you REact!  (10 More Next Week)

Ok!  Now for the birthday giveaway!
Each week of my birthday month I will be hosting a giveaway where you (my lovely readers) get the birthday gifts.
This week I will be giving away one Clear Tote from DSW.
  • Clear jelly and patent tote
  • Rolled patent handles with 9½" drop
  • Fun summer accessories pattern on front
  • Clear jelly lining with patent zip pocket
  • Dimensions 20" x 8½" x 13½"
  • Imported
This is open to US residents only.
All ages.
Ends 6/28/13
Fill out the Rafflecopter form
Good Luck

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