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Friday, June 21, 2013

Audiobook Week: Finds

All this week I participated in Audiobook Week with Devourofbooks.  And I am so sad to say today is the last day.  (Maybe?)  *whisper*  Check back tomorrow for an audiobook giveaway.  What is Audiobook Week all about?  Mostly, us book bloggers talk about all things Audiobooks.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  All of it.  If you are new to audiobooks or never, ever listen to one this is your week.  Hop on over to to see more information about this week, to get the button and to check out all the blogs participating this year.  
Friday Topic
Where do you learn about great audiobook titles? Buy your audiobooks? Share your secrets with the rest of us! We’d particularly love to know what narrators or publishers are active in social media or do a great job communicating with listeners.
A good large chunk of my audiobooks comes from  I have the app on my iphone and ipad and use it all the time.  The website is great because I can see reviews of books and I can also send a book back that I didn't enjoy.  No really!  If you hate an audiobook they will take it back and refund you your credit/money.  No questions asked.  I know I did it once last year.   Their customer service people are really helpful and will even recommend audiobooks for you to check out.

As some of you know I live in Los Angeles and there are city libraries as well as county libraries.  I work in other county with another set of libraries.  So needless to say...I have a few (a lot) of library cards.  With each card I get a new collection of audiobooks to pick from.  They even have a new feature where you can rate and leave a review about the book you just checked out.  How cool is that?  Free audiobooks!  Even if you don't like it then you are not out of pocket.  

This is a great service that happens every summer during Audiobook Week.  They giveaway free downloads of two audiobooks a week.  One classic and one YA.  This is to help promote teens reading over the summer.  I have to say that I think Book Bloggers are totally benefiting from this than anyone else.  Everyone blogs about it, looks forward to it and then post about it in their IMM or Stacking the Shelves post.  Because that is where I heard about it!  hehehe

I have to say that most of the CD versions of audiobooks I have in my house are all from giveaways I have entered for them.  I don't have the publishers of audiobook hookup yet.  One day!  *fingers crossed*
 Where do you learn about great audiobook titles?

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