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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Casting Couch #4

April has been a crazy busy month for me.  ARGH! Life is trying to get in the way of my reading and that is so not cool.  NOT COOL AT ALL!  I was planning on finishing more books than I actually read this month know.  Honestly, I am glad April's over and I am sooo ready for a slower May.  So as my busy month comes to an end, I am only casting two books.  More next month.  Hopefully!  Fingers crossed!
  As a part of my new blog resolutions, I decided to add a new monthly post called "The Casting Couch".  The Casting Couch is my monthly post where I will be "fun" casting a few of the books I have reviewed this month.  
This is only my dream cast and or possible cast and has nothing to do with the actual actors that were cast in the movie versions.  I just wanted to let you know who I was seeing in my head as I was reading a few of these books. Click on the actors name to read their resumes.
So have a seat on the couch and let the actors show you their stuff...

The Amulet of Samarkand 
(Review | Amazon)
Character: Bartimaeus, a djinni with a quick witted sense of humor and he is about 5,000 years old.  But doesn't look it at all!
Andrew French
I found him by doing a google search for British Actors and bam there is was.  Bartimaeus!  I have never seen him act until I watched his reel.  This could be his big break. 

 Can You Keep A Secret? 
(Review Coming Soon! | Amazon)
Character: Emma, young witty but awkward British woman.  She always finds herself in the craziest situations.
Emily Blunt
She was great in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and I think she would be perfect.  She might have to gain a few pounds.
Did you read these two books?  Who would you cast in the lead roles?

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