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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bloggiesta 2013: Wrap Up




Let's Dance it out ya'll!!!
If you have no idea what I am so happy about keep reading.
Over the weekend I participated in Bloggiesta! And I rocked it!  I have done Bloggiesta before but never like this.  Here were my goals on Friday.
Goals for Bloggiesta 2013!
1.  Write all outstanding reviews.  I think I have 1 review and 3 Quicky Reviews to do.  I completed one review and I still have 3 mini reviews to do.
2.  Fix my About Me page.  I have no idea what is going on with that page.  Done!
3.  Reply to comments for the month of March. Done!
4.  Make a Word template for post I do on a regular.  I did this one but just for one post.  I think I will do another one for two more post.  But...done!
5.  Create a video for my Monthly Wrap Up post.  This one I am getting help from Michaniya@ Bookmarked for Later
6.  Calendar my post for the month of April, May, June and July.
7.  Clean up my Google Reader Feedly.  There are to many blogs on there that are not blogging anymore.  I removed 33 dead blogs from my reader list of 364!  I know that is crazy high number.  I just made it to the "I"'s and then I stopped.  The next bloggiesta I will go from "I" to "Z"  But ...done for now!
8.  Update my sidebar for the month of April.  This is the last thing to do.  I will do this one on the 30th.  The end of the month.  But the elements are ready to be added.
9.  Comment, enter, chat  all things #bloggiesta.  Done!
10.  Fix font on Library page.

No...wait there is more.  After hopping around from all the blogs and reading their Goals I ended up adding a few other things along the way.  I wrote them on a scrap piece of paper.  Check this out!
Updated reviews on  Done! - I had completely forgot to add this to the list but it's done.
Create April newsletter for Book Club  Done! - Book Club stuff!  How could I forget?  ARGH!!
Create Post for April's Book of the Month for Book Club -   Done! - More book Club stuff
Register for BEA -   Done! - I was so excited to get my plane ticket I forgot to register.  Oops!  Now to find a cheap hotel. 
Create post for the next 2 weeks   Done! - Yep!  That's right I created 14 post and I have 8 in draft form right now!  That right there makes Bloggiesta so worth it!      
Rumor has it there is another one at the end of July and the end of September.  I am so going to get my list together for the next one.  Join us and have some productive fun!  

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