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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Casting Couch #2

As a part of my new blog resolutions, I decided to add a new monthly post called "The Casting Couch".  The Casting Couch is my monthly post were I will be "fun" casting a few of the books I have reviewed this month.  This is only my dream cast and or possible cast and has nothing to do with the actual actors that were cast in the movie versions.  I just wanted to let you know who I was seeing in my head as I was reading a few of these books. Click on the actors name to read their resumes. 

So have a seat on the couch and let the actors show you their stuff...
  (Review | Amazon)
Characters: Paige, a 17-year old girl who is a ghost bound to the grounds of her high school and Brooke, who also died at the school from a drug overdose. 
 Chelsea Tavares
Since Paige could be any race I thought I would add a little color to the cast.  Chelsea was most recently apart of the ABC Family show "Make It or Break It".
Erica Dasher
I thought of Erica the minute I started reading this book.  She has been the pretty, yet awkward fashionista on "Jane By Design" but this role would be a great change of pace to show more diversity in her acting range.

(Review | Amazon)
Characters:  Sugar a young prostitute who comes to Bigelow to escape her past and befriends Pearl her neighbor who is still grieving over the death of her daughter who was murdered 15 years earlier. 
 Jennifer Hudson
She would be perfect since Sugar has an amazing singing voice that she only shows to the folks at the juke joint.
 Loretta Devine
This is the person I had in my head the whole time I read this book.  The only thing, I am not sure if she would be ok with the nude scene.  Maybe if we shot it kinda implied she was nude.  She was made for this role.

Did you read either of these books?  Who would you cast in the these roles? 

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