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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Love it! 2012

After 50+ books (it's December 7 and I am still reading) I have to let you all know about the books that received top hours from me.  I know everyone has a list of books 2012 best so I am just jumping in to add my to cents.  
As of today (I have three books to read this month) I have 6 books that are labeled "LOVE IT!".  The 6 have a few things in common.  Unique plots, amazing characters, and of course captivating writing.  These books are what I consider a 100% page turner.  I think all of them had me up way passed my bedtime and all of them made me sad when I finished it.  
So, if you ask me for a book recommendation I will tell you to start with this list.

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