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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pocketbooks for Your Costume

Etsy $62.00
I love Halloween for all the wrong reasons.  Dress up is number one!  I would dress up in a fun (sometimes sexy) costume everyday if I could afford it and get away with it at work.  I mean there are so many creative, fun, (extremely) weird costumes out there that it is so hard to just pick one a year.  My next, favorite reason for loving Halloween is CANDY!  I have a serious sweet tooth and this is the time of the year for it!  But this is not the blog!  
We all need a purses for keys, ID, money, makeup, gum, phone, etc....  You get the picture.  So here are a few helpful ideas about your costumes ladies, for that night out on All Hallow's Eve.

All you need an animal print clutch ladies!  Think small and in keeping with your costume theme a leopard print would be perfect.  Not snake! Not zebra!  Think small.  Go as small as you can, leaving room to add a few pieces of candy of course.  If you are rocking a catwoman outfit you don't want to hide it with a big bag.
Leopard Print Clutch (Search)

Think...big, black and old school.  The black satchel for the witchy poo is perfect.  If it looks like a doctor would carry it, then you need it.  Witches need big bags for carrying all the potions, animal parts, spellbooks and goodies with them.
Black Satchel (Search)

Flapper Girl
The 1920's was all about the bling!  If it sparkles and shines then most likely it will fit in with this costume.  Just look for a few things.  Small. Beads. Art Deco.  The flapper girl need a bag for her makeup and fun stuff.  The color possibilities are endless.  So have fun with it.  
Beaded 1920's inspired purse $29.99 (Shop)

Princess Tiana
This one is the only one I could find.  But you get the idea!  Right?  If you are going for a princess costume then you need only two things in a purse.  One, something small.  Your princess dress is big enough and you don't want to distract.  Two, a purse with the same inspiration.  So it won't look like a last minute thought.
Flower or Leaf Inspired Wristlet $7.02 (Shop)

Team zombie you'll need a big bag for your body parts collection.  With a costume like this you can go over the top with it.  And the bigger the better.  Try a zombie print bag or even blood print.  Yes I said it!  Find a white bag you don't want or buy one at a thrift store and bloody it up.
Zombie Bag $42.00 (Shop)

This is a costume we all can relate to!  Lately, there are a ton of new shops on creating book purses.  Some of them even let you pick the title and then viola!  New purse from your favorite read.  Just don't leave laying on the coffee table. 
Novel Creations (Shop)

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