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Friday, September 7, 2012

World Record Time: Michael McGrew

Author Michael McGrew Needs Your Help To Break Guinness World Record for Most Books Signed in a Single Session
This Press Release calls to action to help the aspiring author Michael McGrew break the Guinness World Record for Most Books Signed in a single session. The current Guinness-World-Record is 1,951 books, but with your help, he will claim a new record. The feat will also help many charities and inspire other writers around the world.
Dateline: Los Angeles, California, 1st quarter of 2013
Rarely do you have a chance in life by doing a small act of kindness to make a huge difference for the world. But here is one such opportunity.
Here is what Michael has to say about the event, “Hello friends, I'm author Michael McGrew and plan to break the current Guinness Book world record for most books signed in a single setting this year, and with your support we have no doubt that this goal is attainable. The current record is 1,951 books signed, but this year we will prove that Authors Are The New Rock Stars! This event will attract national attention as this is a WORLD RECORD, and with celebrity publicist, business owners and literacy organizations jumping on board, failure isn't an option!”
Michael is a success story in the making of one of the young and down trodden masses who through shear force of personality and God’s blessings overcome his humble beginnings to create something from nothing. When these stories develop you want to be part of them, so you can say I made a difference. Many of us understand that helping others is what life is about. When you can help Michael McGrew be successful, you will also be inspiring hundreds more like him with the same purpose in life: They want to leave the world a better place then they had originally found it, hence your participation becomes critical to the success of the story. To help Michael please visit his fund raising site here.
About Michael McGrew and Legacy Publishing.
Legacy Publishing Group LLC is the brainchild and creation of Michael McGrew. Combining his love for storytelling with his niche for marketing, Michael and his affiliates developed branding and advertisement strategies that will propel Legacy's publications into multiple genres and generate appeal from a broad range of lifestyles. Michael is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and the laws of attraction, and has never wavered from the idea that no matter what obstacles lay in your path or lack of resources your immediate circumstance provide, where there is a will there is way to make life and all your intentions into reality.
For more information about Legacy Publishing and how to get involved please email them at They are available for interviews, speaking engagements and cross promotion opportunities.
Also you can follow the author Michael McGrew on Twitter: @michaelmcgrew
More to come!

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