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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #18

  Hosted & created by Tynga's Reviews This post is my weekly update about the shiny new books I have bought (I know I need to stop buying them), won (I love to enter giveaways) or received from authors or others.  As well as purses I buy or receive, of course!   Click the photo to go to or to read more about the books or to purchase a copy.

From the author for review
I meet this author a few months ago at the Black Book Expo.  The cover is great and I am looking forward to this read.

This is the first audiomovie not audiobook I have ever listened to.  I got this one from the publisher for review.  I am looking forward to hearing this one in my car with the loud Bose system.  LOL! Oh what is an audiomovie?  Well according to the publisher an audiomovie is the audiobook just with a cast, soundtrack, sound effects, and everything but the visual.  Like you are listening to the movie version of the book.  The audiobook has evolved.  :)

What new and shinny books did you get last week?

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