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Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: April's Fool

Author:  Blanche Marriott
Hardcover: 186 pages
Publisher: Avalon Romance
Release Date:  December 9, 2011
Genre:  Romantic Fiction
Source:  From the Inglewood Public Library
Buy the Book:  Amazon
Book Description
How can a wedding album start a tug-of-war between the bride and groom? When they aren't really married and an April Fools joke goes awry.
In a moment of self-pity, April Vaillancourt, a graphic designer and all-around dreamer, creates a fake wedding album. She accidentally leaves it behind at a restaurant after a girls night out. Weeks later, when it turns up on the desk of the fake groom, he confronts her, and she's faced with telling the truth or living a lie.
Michael Goode is a high-powered investment advisor on the threshold of becoming CEO. His neat and orderly bachelor life is jarred when April's prank appears on his desk. Ready to take her to task for the brazen invasion of his privacy, he instead falls captive to her charms. Intrigued by her evasive tactics, he pursues her, but when he finds himself wanting to spend every minute with April, he begins to question his bachelor life. Could there be something better?
I picked up this book from the library solely based on two things.  One the cover is cute and it was small.  LOL!  I really wanted to read something short.
The plot is very familiar and I think there are several movies with the same premise.  Woman pretends to be married to a man to fool her (married) friends.  The man finds out and uses her and the fake marriage to impress his boss.  But they seem to like each other and wham they are really hitting it off.
This book is very predictable.  The storyline has no interesting twist and turns.  There are no surprises and even the supporting characters fall into there cookie cutter roles.  Mom is always talking about marriage and her old boyfriend.  Co-worker is the only one to see things as they really are.  And the boss is just a great guy that everyone likes.  Done!  I think I told you the whole story without saying the end.  Of course it is a happily ever after.  
There is nothing special about this book.  Sorry! 
I recommend the book to older teens and adults.  
This book is number 39 in my Goodreads Reading Challenge.

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