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Friday, September 21, 2012

How Do You Read Self Help?

Advantages of Reading Self-Help Books to Improve Your Life
Every once in awhile I come across a self help book that I just feel like I have to read.  I have to say that I am not really into reading them to often.  There are about 5 self help books that I have read and would recommend to others.
But I am curious about book bloggers and self-help books.  How do you read them?  I mean do you just read the whole book like you are reading a novel, going from chapter to chapter.  Or do you read a chapter at a time?

I have been reading a small self-help book and I feel like I should read it like I read other self help books.  Tell me if this is odd:
1.  Read the Table of Contents and the Preface.  I need to see what I am getting into and if it is something I can learn from.
2.  Read the first chapter.  I tend to read one chapter and try to implement it or think about it for a period of time.  Yes, I put it down.
3.  Read the second chapter.  This is usually a week or two later.  I love to re-read a few pages from the first chapter first to review it.  Just in case.
4.  By now I decide if I need/want to finish the book.  If I have interest in it still.

With this craziness I actually finish just a few self-help books.  It doesn't make sense at all.  I know but I am curious about other people and how they (you) read self-help.
What is your plan of attack with a self-help book?

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