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Friday, August 31, 2012

Operation TBR Reduction: August Report

Operation TBR Reduction Button
Just in case you haven't heard of this amazing Challenge.  It is only for book hoarders.  Which I know I am the only one here that is.  Right?  Right!  
Operation TBR Reduction was created and is hosted by Stephanie at Once Upon a Chapter to reduce the number of books current in her/my/our houses.  
Whatever comes in...more has to go out!
Here is my August report:
New books that have come into my apartment:  8 (check the Stacking the Shelves post)
New Audiobooks:  1 (They really don't count since it is on my computer)
Library books:  2 (They don't really count either since they cancel themselves out)
New on my iphone:  2 (Not counting this one since it is not taking up room in the apt) 
8 books read this month  
1 audiobook listened to this month 
To donation: 3 
Giveaway books: 7 (mailed out to the winners with swag)
Sent to Book Club Giveaway Manager:  7 (with swag)
Read on iphone: 2 (to be removed from my phone) 
8 books in - 17 books out = Pile reduced by 9 books
10 books out.

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