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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stacking the Shelves #10

  Hosted & created by Tynga's Reviews 
This post is my weekly update about the shiny new books I have bought (I know I need to stop buying them), won (I love to enter giveaways) or received from authors or others.  As well as purses I buy or receive, of course!   Click the photo to go to or to read more about the books or to purchase a copy.

From Audiobook Syn (free download this week)
This is week 5 at Audiobook Syn.  This week they are giving away free copies of funny books.  Go get your free audiobooks before the end of the week.
I was so shocked that I won from Audiobook Week.  There were so many giveaways and there were many great blogs particpating.  I learned so much and I added a few to my TBL list like Ready Player One.  Looking forward to getting into this one.  

From iBooks (free) onto my iPhone
I just found this short book on iBooks and downloaded it for Free!  
My audiobook library is growing and growing. What new and shinny books did you get this week? Any new audiobooks?

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