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Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens
Author:  Libba Bray
Genre: Humor Fiction
Publisher:  Scholastic Audio
Release Date:  May 24, 2011
Audiobook:  14 hours and 34 minutes
Narrator:  Libba Bray
Source:  E-Library via Overdrive app
Buy the Book:  Amazon
Book Description 
From bestselling, Printz Award-winning author Libba Bray, a desert island classic.
Survival. Of the fittest.
The fifty contestants in the Miss Teen Dream Pageant thought this was going to be a fun trip to the beach, where they could parade in their state-appropriate costumes and compete in front of the cameras. But sadly, their airplane had another idea, crashing on a desert island and leaving the survivors stranded with little food, little water, and practically no eyeliner.
What's a beauty queen to do? Continue to practice for the talent portion of  the  program - or wrestle snakes to the ground? Get a perfect tan - or learn to run wild?  And what should happen when the sexy pirates show up?
Welcome to the heart of non-exfoliated darkness. Your tour guide? None other than Libba Bray, the hilarious, sensational, Printz Award-winning author of A Great and Terrible Beauty and Going Bovine. The result is a novel that will make you laugh, make you think, and make you never see beauty the same way again.
I am so trying to contain this but I can't!  I LOVE THIS AUDIOBOOK!!  Libba Bray (author) completely set the bar for all audiobooks on this one.  Everything I love about audiobooks is here!  Multiple voices for each character, background noise to help with locations, and commercials.  I don't love commercials but in the book there are commercials and they are in the audiobook as well.  Not your typical commercials but sponsors endorsing products the beauty queen contests might use.  
I love this audiobook.  Did I say that all ready?  Ok! Let me focus and give a good review.  One, the story as a whole is completely unique with 50 contestants on their way to a beauty pageant crashing on an remote island.  
The book has some great satire about beauty, women and of course pageants.  If you have seen a few episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras then you will laugh yourself silly.  Libba Bray even gets in a few digs at the pageant moms.  And you know that topic is a book all onto itself.  (Self -Help Book).  There are even footnotes with hilarious explanations about a few millions items throughout the book.  
If you have never ever done audio then I am 50/50 about telling you to start with this one.  One it is the best and everything after it won't be as good.  Two, it's the best and you might be hooked on audiobooks.  If you haven't read/listen to this book you must add it to your TBR list today.
FYI, Libba Bray has a great interview at the end of the book along with acknowledgements that are just as funny as the book.   Honestly, Libba needs to look into doing TV sitcom writing and stand up.  She is funnnnnnnyyyyy!!! 
I recommend this book to young adults.
This book is number 11 in my Audiobook Challenge
This book is number 26 in my Goodreads Challenge

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