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Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Teenie

Genre:  Teen Fiction
Publisher: Ember; Reprint edition
Release Date: January 10, 2012
Hardcover: 272 pages 
Source: From Alexis at Reflections of a Bookaholic
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Book Description
High school freshman Martine (Teenie for short) is a good student, with a bright future ahead of her. She's desperate to be accepted into a prestigious study abroad program in Spain so that she can see what life is like beyond the streets of Brooklyn. She wouldn't mind escaping from her strict (though lovable) parents for awhile either. But when the captain of the basketball team starts to pay attention to her after she's pined away for him for months and Cherise, her best friend, meets a guy online, Teenie's mind is on anything but her schoolwork. Teenie's longtime crush isn't what he seemed to be, nor is her best friend's online love. Can Teenie get her act together in time to save her friendship with Cherise, save her grade point average so that she can study in Spain, and save herself from a potentially dangerous relationship?
Christopher Grant makes a stunning literary debut with this warmly told story about friends, family, and finding oneself.
After reading more YA books the past several months than I ever have, it was sooo refreshing to read one that was so close to my family and me.  I know that sounds very commercial but as an African American woman who grew up with both parents in the house and a younger sister most YA books don't reflect anything I grew up with.  I didn't runaway or talk back to my parents.  (I tried hard not to!) I didn't have a love triangle with a bad boy in high school.  And I wasn't a social outcast with a laden magical power.
Teenie is the youngest of three and is a great student with dreams of studying aboard in Spain.  I love that!  Really!!  How many high school freshman think about study aboard?  Tennie is not a one dimensional black girl growing up in the hood.  Like most teenagers, she also wants to fit in; wear cute clothes, and is interested in boys.  (Just like me!)  LOL!  See what I mean.  
The author Christopher Grant is amazing!  He writes a book in a strong teen female voice that is funny and very real.  Yes!  A man did this wonderful work.  How did he know what my teenage mind was thinking is beyond me?  But he did it.  He gave her a strong, clear and brave voice. 
This book "Teenie" has a few experiences that are clear learning experiences for any young girl ranging from dealing with boy issues, bullying, the internet, and sexuality.  
Excellent book!
I recommend this book to everyone!
This book is number 10 in my 2012 Good Reads Challenge
This book is number 6 in my POC Reading Challenge 
Did you read this book?  What did you think of it? 

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