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Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: The Lost Years

The Lost Years
Genre:  Fiction, Crime, Mystery
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Hardcover:  304 pages 
Source:  Bought at Esowon Bookstore
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Book Description
In The Lost Years, Mary Higgins Clark, America's Queen of Suspense, has written her most astonishing novel to date. At its center is a discovery that, if authenticated, may be the most revered document in human history—"the holiest of the holy"—and certainly the most coveted and valuable object in the world.
Biblical scholar Jonathan Lyons believes he has found the rarest of parchments—a letter that may have been written by Jesus Christ. Stolen from the Vatican Library in the 1500s, the letter was assumed to be lost forever.
Now, under the promise of secrecy, Jonathan is able to confirm his findings with several other experts. But he also confides in a family friend his suspicion that someone he once trusted wants to sell the parchment and cash in.
Within days Jonathan is found shot to death in his study. At the same time, his wife, Kathleen, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, is found hiding in the study closet, incoherent and clutching the murder weapon. Even in her dementia, Kathleen has known that her husband was carrying on a long-term affair. Did Kathleen kill her husband in a jealous rage, as the police contend? Or is his death tied to the larger question: Who has possession of the priceless parchment that has now gone missing?
It is up to their daughter, twenty-eight-year-old Mariah, to clear her mother of murder charges and unravel the real mystery behind her father's death. Mary Higgins Clark's The Lost Years is at once a breathless murder mystery and a hunt for what may be the most precious religious and archaeological treasure of all time.
The book is a quick read and I thought the overall storyline was interesting. What would people and the church do if there was a real letter from Jesus in existence?  Just the simple idea brought thoughts of the Da Vinici Code and Angles and Demons.  I loved both of those books.  The idea of a crime surrounding a historical and biblical artifact is very interesting to me.  Mary Higgings
Clark throws that out there with an affair and a murder. 
The book was a clean and easy read.  There was only the mention from the victims wife of blood but there was no blood and detailed killing mentioned at all.  I really appreciated that this book could be read by all ages and not give you nightmares.  LOL!  By the way the affair is something talked about in the form of love but no sexual descriptions at all.  
With that being said I liked the pace of the book but something seemed to be lacking for me.  I wish there was more details in the book making me want to never put it down.  There were a few characters that all had reason and opportunity to shine more than they did.  They seemed to just be in the background showing up here and there but not giving major input.  The one reason that I can't give this book top billing is the constant jump in tense.  One sentence is in first person and the next would be in third person.  The jump in the being of the book really bothered me but I slowly got use to it toward the end.  I would have loved to have this book in one tense throughout. 
 I actually thought I knew what was going to happen in the end.  And I solved it two to three times in my head before the end.  But to be honest I was wayyyyyy off!  I had no idea!  The author did a great job giving the reader (me) something to figure out along the way.  
I recommend this book for all ages.
This book is number 21 in my 2012 Good Reads Challenge
Mocha Girls Read Book of the Month
Did you read this book?  What did you think of it?

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