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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Review The Hunger Games Movie

Last night, the ladies from my book club and I went to The Rave at the Howard Hughes Center to watch The Hunger Games.  I think out of 14 of us 2 or 3 of them had not read the book yet.  Ok, just to let you know I may be spoiling this for you.  If you haven't read the book or seen the book don't read anymore unless you want to know before you go.  
SPOILER ALERT!  This is your warning.
As usual the book is better than the movie.  There were so many things in the movie that were completely off, out of order and missing from the book.  In the book the Katniss gets the mockingjay pin from the Mayors daughter after she is says goodbye to her mom and sister.  Not from the market lady.  How is that too hard to keep?  That change is hard for me to swallow because I know that she will be around later.  (I hope)  As for the filming, the crew and set was there.  The scene would have been only for a few minutes. 
I also was not thrilled with the constant quick motions, unfocused frames, unsteady shots and the over abundance of close up's and single shots of Katniss.  It was too much for me.  At one time there was a small pain behind my eyes and I knew what was coming next.  (I had the reaction to Cloverfield.)  Hello motion sickness.  But just in the nick of time it stopped for a few minutes. 
One more thing that I would have changed in the movie.  I thought the people in District 12 were starving and dirt poor!  Not vintage.  They looked like 1950's regular small town people not the starving population of coal miners.  Gale is extremely healthy and so are the others.  Katniss and Peeta are suppose to really be into the food once they get on the train too.  Because they are STARVING!!  You mean to tell me, Hollywood could not find a few people that look like they need a cheeseburger or two.  Let me get off my soapbox!  It was like they took the sets from Winter's Bone and cleaned it up a bit.
But I have to say, the actress playing Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence was great!  She has a wonderful ability to say so much with her eyes and say it clearly.  
Bravo, to the costume department.  I see an Oscar nom in your future! 
Overall, good movie (because I read the book) and I had a great night with the ladies.

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