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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Best Audiobooks of 2014 Blog Hop

Welcome to the second Best Audiobook Blog Hop hosted by Hot Listens, The Book Nympho, and The Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog.
It’s time were we all share our favorite audiobook from 2014.
and you can win some great prizes too!

The Grand Prize is 3 audiobook downloads (winner’s choice) from the host of this wonderful giveaway hop.  Enter the Rafflecopter below to win.  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Delight: Word of the Year

Happy Start of a new week everyone!
Have you been productive?  Reading alot?  Relaxing?  Sticking to your resolutions and goals so far?
This has been a week of getting on my new goals.  I have been working out and hitting the gym #LikeaBoss.  
As part of my work out and goal I thought it would help me out to have a word for the year.  Way back in 2012 I had a word and it was FEARLESS!  I used that word, wore that word and it helped me run my first 5k.  So this year I think the new word will be ....ready for it...
Yep.  2015 is the year of Focus. 
So far I have used this word during my workouts.  I sometimes (alot of the time) focus on the time and not the activity when I am at the gym.  You know what I am talking about.  5 more to go.  10 minutes more.  I have worked out for 1 hour.  The time is the focus and not the activity.  I am (not for long) a time focused workouter.  Now I am trying to focus on the activity, the reps and the muscles I am working out.
So 2015 is the year of FOCUS!
Here are my weekly stats and going ons.

Here and Now

Time: 12:57 pm  
Drinking: Water
Eating: Apple slices
 Listening To: Nothing
Watching: Green Bay vs. Sea hawks Game

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Delight: Fitness Goals

Sunday!  Sunday! Sunday!
Hi everyone.  How was your week?  Did you do anything fun, exciting or productive?  Are you still staying on track with your resolutions and reading challenges?
This week will start my first of 12 week workout program.  I am going to focus on eating 1900 calories a day and working out 5 days a week.  After the 12 weeks I will re-plan, re-work and start a new work out plan based on new goals.  
Are you working on a fitness goal too?
So let's talk books

Here and Now

Time: 9:04 pm (Saturday Night)
Drinking: Green Tea with Lemon and Honey
Eating: Pizza from Pieology
 Listening To: Nothing
Watching: The War on HBO 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Book Blogger Organization Challenge: January

I decided to jump on this challenge so I can step up my blogging and get a bit more organized.  For me, I need to have things written down so I can cross them off my list. So for the month of January the challenge items I have listed here along with my notes and progress on each item in blue. 

If you want to join me and 81 other book blogger in this 6 month cleaning and organization challenge, just simply click the button up top and add your blog to the linky.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 2015 Reading Queue

 Reading Queue is a meme hosted by Book Tasty and Books: A True Story.
Welcome to the first Reading Queue of 2015.  This year I am going to be a bit more focused on my reading.  Even thought it took my two weeks to pick my first book of 2015.  But this year is the year of completing series and reading from my bookshelf.  Nothing else.  No really!!  Oh and book club books.  Now nothing else.  I accidently added a book to the incomplete series list when I accepted a book for review.  So now that list is getting a bit out of hand again. 
What is the reading queue all about?
Reading Queue is a monthly meme where you share what books you plan to read for the month. You can hop to other blogs and see what others are reading and maybe find someone reading the same thing as you! Or you can ask for people to vote on what you should read next if you can’t decide.

So here is what I have lined up for the month of January. (Click the covers to go to the books Amazon page.)
Book Club Book of the Month

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's my Blog Birthday!

Today (actually yesterday) is my blog's 4th year on the world wide webs.  I am shocked thrilled that 4 years ago I started blogging and lo and behold I am still here.  There have been times when blogging was not fun and a bit stressful.  I worried about if I was reading enough books, then I would stress about page views.  OH MY!  Then I had reader burn out that lasted for several months (more than once).  AGH!  It was a bit much.  Now I am have weathered the self inflicted storms and I love blogging more and more.  I'm still here and looking forward to blogging in 2015.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Delight: Another Challenge or Two

Happy 1st Sunday of 2015!
I have signed up for two more challenges and yes I know that was not my first intention.  I signed up for 13 reading challenges last year and failed at 3 of them.  This year the goal was to sign up for about have of that, around 7.  Well there are two more I want to add to the list, making it 9.
First I am signing up for:

Purpose:  Travel the world in books, of course! Expand your horizons and read books set in or written by authors from countries other than the one you live in. Visit as many different countries in books as you wish.
My Goal: For the year of 2015 I will 5 books set in another country outside of the U.S. and 5 books by non-American authors

The second one is not a reading challenge but a helping/motivating group that I saw on Tanya's blog.
Purpose:  To get my blog organized by June 2015.

My Goal: To complete each months theme and challenge.

So there they are the (hopefully) last two challenges I am planning on tackling for 201.  I hope!  God it's hard saying No! LOL!

Here and Now

Time: 12:01 pm
Drinking: Green Tea with Lemon and Honey
Eating: Apple Slices
 Listening To: Gospel Radio on
Watching: Nothing much