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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Best #51

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How was you week?  Productive and full of good books and good food I hope.  I have to spend a day getting caught up (again) on reviews.  As of right now I have 5 quicky reviews and about 5 reviews to do.  That is a ton!  I have a late library book because I refuse to return it until the review is done.  So not writing a review is actually costing me money.  Not much but the principle is messed up!!!  Oh and I started a new books too.  ARGH!
 So what is Sunday Best?
Every Sunday, we are going to share the best post on our blogs and other blogs we visited from the past week and link them up.  Join us in showing off your Sunday Best and leave a comment or two.
My Favorite Post from Me
October 2013: Wrap Up
I'm Still Here

This one explains the first one. 

My Favorite Post from Other Bloggers
Magic Lamp Sunday 11/24/13 from Reading Lark
I thought this was a fun post idea.
Photo Vomit [4]: Typography from Joyous Reads
I love the Typography on books lately too!
What Are Your Thoughts on Waiting Until a Series is Complete to Read? from I'm Loving Books (This one is an older post)
Bookish Discovery: from S.I.K. Book Reviews
Check this new book blogger tool/directory
End of the Year 2013 Reading Cram Read-a-thon! hosted by Juliababyjen's Reading Room and Danasquare 
Hmm... I'm thinking about this one.  
 Books Keep Me Sane is hosting, “Dreamy December Days Read-a-thon December

What interesting post have you run across this past week?  Feel free to share a link to them.  I will try my best to check them out.

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