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Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Need Your Opinions

For a year now I have been missing the POC Reading Challenge.  (I know I am not the only one.)  When I started blogging the POC Reading Challenge (People of Color) was an active reading challenge that gave readers/bloggers the opportunity to read and review really great books by Authors of Color.  They had a great list of authors to pick from, along with giveaways and it was just Great!
So here is where your opinions come in.  I have contacted the ladies that hosted the POC Reading Challenge. and got no reply!  Nothing! At All!  
I have mentioned to a few bloggers who promote diversifying reading on their blogs to host it.  And no one really took the bait. (I don't blame them at all.)
I just see the huge potential in a new (re-new) POC Reading Challenge.

So I ask you, should I host it?
 It's just that
My plate is FULL! Crazy full!

 But I so much want this to happen and to be a happy place where books by authors of color are reviewed, recognized and discussed.

If I do go through with it and do this, here is my game plan.
1.  Create a new blogger page just for the reading challenge.
2.  Use the resources and basic idea from the older page.  Link to the older POC Reading Challenge as well.
3.  Create a new button.
4.  Have monthly link ups for reviews 
5.  Have quarterly giveaways.
6.  A monthly spotlight on bloggers who promote authors of color
7.  Have a monthly guest post from authors of color, bloggers, anyone who wants to talk.
8.  Giveaway an end of the year prize.
9.  Have other bloggers do monthly features or host a month/quarter of linky and giveaways.
10.  Do a read-a-long once in awhile.

That's it!  LOL!  I know that is a lot and I can do it (with help).  (hint, hint)
What are your thoughts?  Help!  I need to get this out of my head.

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