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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Listens for December 2013

After noticing most bloggers post every week, month or just once in awhile a list of free or really close to free e-books, I decided to post a few free audiobooks.  I love free books. I mean who doesn't.

Yes there is a such thing as a free audiobook and they are not just boring old classics either.  I seem to run across a few new ones here and there.  Some of them are short and sweet and others are prequels to popular series.  Here is my first post of free prequels.  (Click here)  
When I run across a couple of free audiobooks I will post them for you to check out as well.
If you are new to audiobooks this is a great why to try one or two without spending any money.
From and/or  
Book one is also free.

I got my copies of these books from  I thought I would show you my cart.  My shopping cart from has these three audiobooks and they are all 0.00.  See they are 100% FREE! 
Disclaimer time!  These audiobooks were free at the time of this posting and when I bought them.  Just saying.
 Have you run across any free audiobooks?  Leave a name of one or two in the comment section below and I will check it out.  Thanks.

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