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Monday, December 16, 2013

Historical Fiction 2013: Wrap Up

Level: Renaissance Reader - 10 books
Completed on 10/10/13!
  Yep.  I completed this challenge and I thought it was a bit easier than I thought it would be.  I had ten books here that I knew would fit the challenge but I was not sure if I would get to them.  So here are the books I completed for this challenge.  They are all linked to my reviews.
The Shoemaker's Wife  (audiobook)
The Madman's Daughter  (audiobook)
The Kitchen House (audiobook)
Angel Time  (audiobook)
 Soulless  (audiobook)
Cleopatra Moon (audiobook)

1 paperback and 9 audiobooks
1 male author and 9 female authors
Oldest Time Period: Cleopatra Moon
1 Made into a Film
2 Mocha Girls Read Book of the Month
2 from Audiobooksync
2 by the same author: Anne Rice
2 YA books 
262 people signed up for this challenge

Favorite Book

Least Favorite
I am not 100% sure yet if I am going to do this one again.  There are just so many reading challenges out there and I am trying my best to reduce the amount I sign up for this year.

Did you sign up for this challenge? How did you do?

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