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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Delight: March Is a Wrap

Happy Happy Sunday Everyone!
Can you believe the month of March is coming to a close.  And April is just around the corner.  April!  Oh my that was so quick.  I am looking forward to April and another read-a-thon.  This year has been the year of read-a-thons and of course review-a-thon too.  
But first let's check in on the week that has just past.

Here and Now

Time: 4:19 pm (Saturday)
Drinking:  Ice Tea
Eating: Egg Salad Sandwich on a croissant
 Listening To: The Brand New Heavies Radio on Pandora
Watching: Going to the movies with my honey tonight to see Get Hard
I'm looking forward to a good laugh.

My Bookish Stuff

Reading: The Lowlands by
 Listening To: Just finished Lily Blue, Blue Lily not sure what will be next.
 Next Read: I am not sure but I might start Fifty Shades Freer and Darker so I can get that series on the complete pile. 
Up Coming Review: 1-900-Anytime by Tracy Price-Thompson
New to My Bookshelf
I got The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson from a book club Sip and Swap.  Looks interesting!  I am not a big e-book reading but I saw No Way Out and it was free so I thought I would downloaded.  It might be a good October read.

My Favorite Blog Post from Me

Cooking My Way Through: The Get Em' Girls Guide to the Power of Cuisine (pt.1)
Write-On Review-a-Thon #14: Wrap Up

Favorite Book Blogging Events and Links

Here are a few things I ran across this week from other book bloggers and just around the blogiverse.  Click on the buttons to check out the events as well.
The Reading Lark reminded me of a book that I loved as a kid.  The Giant Jam Sandwich.  I loved reading and re-reading this book.  
Christine at Buckling Bookshelves posted the cutest baby gifts from her baby shower.

Bookish is turning 5 years old and is hosting a giveaway to celebrate.

BookAholics Anonymous wants to talk about Book Subscription boxes with you.

Obsession with Books wants to know your thoughts on Reviewing/ Blogging can be daunting.
Diversity in YA is holding a huge and wonderful giveaway.  Diversity in YA’s 2015 Anniversary Giveaway.
Rich in Color is celebrating Two Wonderful Years of blogging with a great giveaway.
Sign Ups Are Open
May Clean Sweep ARC Challenge

What is new and exciting  going on with you?

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