My Little Pocketbooks: Blog Ahead Challenge: Goals & Progress (pt. 4)   

Monday, November 24, 2014

Blog Ahead Challenge: Goals & Progress (pt. 4)

I almost forgot to post my weekly progress for Blog Ahead.  So this one is going to be a week and a few days included.  Week number two point five.  The first week was AMAZING and I got 10 post done.  Then I slacked like nobody's business and got zero done.  Since then I have hustled a bit and now I am at 14 post done with 7 in draft form.  Yeah! Me!


Create a monthly posting calendar for November and December
Review as many books as possible (I have 10 8 reviews and 4 mini reviews to do)
Create and Schedule 30 post plus post as much as possible along the way.

Where I am So Far

 I have been rocking out on the drafts lately.  Mostly getting things on the calendar and putting titles on blog post so I know what is what.  
16 post done and 13 to go.  Whew!  I past the halfway mark.  I think I will use Black Friday to knock them out.  That will be just in time to complete this amazing challenge.

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