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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Delight: Making a Come Back!

Happy Sunday every!!
I know it has been awhile and I have really missed blogging.  Well, there is miss and guilt.  Yes!  I was feeling guilty for now blogging.  Go figure!  I still have guilt for not visiting your blogs and leaving comments.  That is going to happen.  Promise.  Once I get back on schedule and finish a few of the DNF books siting on my bed side I will be comment bombing all of you.  LOL!  Look out CAPTSHA here I come.
Anywho...I have been BUSY! with a capital B.  May was book club, work, new man, Mother's Day and BEA14.
Of course you want to hear about BEA14.  Here are the bullet points.
1.  Bloggers conference was not worth the money and they should move it to Saturday.  Why Wednesday that is just another day were i have to take off from work to sit and listen to nothing of blogging interest.  Personally, I think the AMAZING ladies of the Bloggiesta clan should host the bloggers conference.  And they should hold in on Saturday (the new BookCon Day)  
2.  Book Con was a HOT MESS!!!  They invited the public along with all BEA attendees to cram themselves in a small space to see some great, and popular authors.  REALLY!!!! Who paid that rock scientist to figure that one out?  It was a mess.  Too many people in a small space and lines all over the place.  BEA folks when you have popular authors signing next to popular authors and no order the "not-so" good things will happen.  Like the rush on Libba Bray tickets.  It was like someone was throwing $100 bills into a crowd.  A mess!!!
3.  I got a tone of new books.  (5 boxes of 100 or so each)  
4.  Meet some great authors.

5.  Had a great time with my roomies from Goodreads BEA group.
6.  Went to Tiffany & Co.  Wow!  Is all I can say
7.  Had dinner with cousins.

8.  Found a cupcake ATM.  No really!!!
Loved NYC!!!

Here and Now

Time: 6:38am
Drinking: Water
Eating: Nothing yet.
Listening To: Gospel radio on
Watching: FIFA World Cup Soccer 2014.  Olé

My Bookish Stuff

Reading: The Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver
Listening To: Girl of Nightmares (Book #2) by Kendare Blake
Next Read: The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
Up Coming Review: The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice

My Favorite Blog Post from Me

Now that I am back or at least trying to come back into my blogging schedule I am just over the moon to have anything posted.  LOL! 
Free Listens for June 2014

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Favorite Book Blogging Events and Links

This section is all about the things I have found around the Internet but since I have not had time to visit yet this will be blank for today.  Next week!!!  Promise!
 So how was your bookish week?  Did you run across anything new and exciting in the blogiverse?

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