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Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Blogger Hop: Blog Personality and 4th Friday Five

Hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer
TGIF!  Everyone!!!  Yepppie!!!  
Welcome everyone to another post of Book Blogger Hop (hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer). Each week there will be a new topic submit by a blogger and everyone can join in with their answers. You should join us! It's quite fun!  No really it is!

This Weeks Topic/Question

Do you think your blog reflects your personality? Does it show organization, a care-free style, or some other trait? (submitted by Elizabeth)

My Answer 

 I think my blog reflects some of my personality.  To be honest, I really don't know if the snarkiness of blog post and reviews really comes across well.  It might not read that well since readers don't know me.  I think that I am trying to get my personality on the blog but I have to say that it's not easy at times.  I would love to have gif's jumping up and down and dancing all the time but some of that stuff annoys the heck out of me and it slows down loading time too.  So hopefully that jumble of random thoughts made sense to you.  LOL!  (yes I laughed out loud).

What about you blogger?  Do you think your blog reflects your personality?
Welcome back to another Friday Five here at My Little Pocketbooks.
Friday Five is the result of a Bloggiesta progress report, where I said cleaning up my Feedly of 300 blogs inspired an idea for a new feature on my blog.  Well, here it is.  The Friday Five! (I think the name will stick for now).
Every Friday, I will feature 5 blogs here who I currently follow.  I will tell you a bit about each of them and hopefully you will check them out and add them to your list of blogs you follow as well. 
  When I was going through cleaning house on my Feedly, most of these blogs are good and I never notice them from all the others.  Just because I follow to many, I think it was from all the giveaways I use to enter. 
So take the weekend and check out these five bloggers and their blogs.  Leave them comments.  Enter their giveaways.
This feature will be alphabetically from my Feedly, some are considered BIG blogs and some of them are start ups but they are all blogging on a regular (sometimes).
By the way, here is a link to the 1st Friday Five and here is the 2nd Friday Five
All information about each blog is up to date at the time I am writing this post to my knowledge.  These are not interviews just basic info about each blog.

Blog Tag line: N/A
Bloggers: Amber, Kayla and Will
Latest Book Reviewed: Winterspell by Claire Legrand
Hosting Giveaways Right Now: No
Rating System: Stars
Blog Tag line: N/A
Blogger: Brandi
Latest Book Reviewed: Everbound by Brodi Ashton
Hosting Giveaways Right Now: Yes
Rating System: Hearts
Blog Tag line: Where I talk about my writing progress and share books I love with a splash of life as I go.
Blogger: Bonnie
Latest Book Reviewed: Diamonds Rings are Deadly Things by Rachelle J Christensen
Hosting Giveaways Right Now: Yes
Rating System: Emoticon
Blog Tag line: Bringing you Young Adult book reviews since 2011
Blogger: Michelle
Latest Book Reviewed: Centaur Redemption by Nancy Straight
Hosting Giveaways Right Now: Yes
Rating System: Stars

Blog Tag line: Books, life, and shenanigans from a sarcastic optimist.
Blogger: Amber
Latest Book Reviewed: When Aspens Quake by Robert Reeves
Hosting Giveaways Right Now: No
Rating System: Numbers
If you would like to join in on The Friday Five just post five blogs (bookish or other) on your blog, come back here and leave a link in the comment section so we all can see who your five are this week.

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