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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Free Listens for June 2014

It's that time for the freebies!
After noticing most bloggers post a list of free or really close to free e-books, every week, month or just once in awhile I decided to post a few free audiobooks.  I love free books. I mean who doesn't.
Yes, there is a such thing as a free audiobooks, and they are not just boring old classics either.  I seem to run across a few new ones here and there.  Some of them are short and sweet while others are prequels to popular series. 
When I run across a couple of free audiobooks, I will post them for you to check out as well.
If you are new to audiobooks this is a great way to try one or two without spending any money.  All of these title are FREE at the time of posting.  Things could have changed but all you have to do is click the cover to go to the Amazon page.

From and/or

The Viscount and the Witch: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 1.5
Eleven years before they were framed for the murder of a king, before even assuming the title of Riyria, Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater were practically strangers. Unlikely associates, this cynical thief and idealist swordsman, were just learning how to work together as a team. In this standalone first installment of The Riyria Chronicles, Royce is determined to teach his naive partner a lesson about good deeds. Join Royce and Hadrian in this short story about one of their earliest adventures.

A kidnapping turns to be unexpectedly deadly when the Mafia encounters ogres and demons. This is one of several tales in the Smoky Mountain Horrors collection. 

Have you run across any free audiobooks lately? 

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