My Little Pocketbooks: April 2013 Wrap Up   

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April 2013 Wrap Up

I hate to say it but I am thrilled that April is over!  April has been one of the busiest months this year and this chica needs a rest.  I have no idea really what was so over the top with it but there were so many things going on in April that sleep and reading were in jeopardy.  If you know me, then you know those two things...along with food are very, very  important to me.  
Life tried to take over but I had to put my foot down (a little) to get some reading in.  Here is my wrap up for crazy April.

April is National Poetry Month: Where the Sidewalk Ends
April is National Poetry Month: Bed In Summer
April is National Poetry Month: Poetry Books
April is National Poetry Month: On the Pulse of Morning
April is National Poetry Month: April Rain Song
  This month I bought
  3 books. (A total of 4 book so far this year.  Audiobooks and e-books don't count since they don't take up space on my bookcase.)

 Stacking the Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga Reviews where we all can link up our post about the new books in our lives.  I also add my new pocketbooks too! 
 From the Los Angeles Book Fair (4/23/2013)

Free from LA Book Fair
Hero Comic Magazine
Santa Monica Book Review
Book markers and Book Bag

Purchased from LA Book Fair
I bought one audiobook and got one free.  Pretty good for being on a book buying ban.  Right?  I am giving most of these away in a mystery box giveaway anyways.  I need to give some not so used up and read books too!  I think I spent $25.00 total on books the whole day.  It was a great day and I so love the LA Book Fair so much!  The weather was perfect too.

Free from ibooks
I love this book and the movie so much I just had to get the e-book from ibooks.
   Review Recap
Review: Irises
Quicky Reviews #8: New World and Spy Killer
Review: The Amulet of Samarkand
Review: Red Clay Dirt & Mountain
Review: Pharmacology
Review: Can You Keep A Secret?
Places I Visited 
El Paso
Washington D.C.
Beckley, West Virgina
Dawson, Georgia
 Albany, Georgia
San Francisco
 Number of Books Completed
 Blogging and Book Events 

I completely missed this one.  Maybe next one.

Happy to say that I did this one and I had a great time!
2 Books Completed 
1 Mini Challenge Hosted
Lasted 19 Hours 
Chatted on Twitter
Donated 3 books
Had a Blast!  

 My friend and author/poet Monda Raquel Webb had a book signing and we had a great time.  Especially at dinner after.

When the LA Book Fair comes to town I know I am going to have a great time.  Even with my book buying resolution I did pretty good.  Considering.  


Challenge Update

Here is an April Wrap Up of the number of books read and reviewed for the 11 Reading Challenges I signed up for.  
Off The Shelves Reading Challenge - 1 books 
Audiobook Reading Challenge - 3 audiobooks 
Anne Rice Reading Challenge - 0 books 
Books by Women Reading Challenge - 2 books 
TBR Pile Reading Challenge - 3 books 
2013 Resolutions Reading Challenge - 0 resolutions 
Dusty Bookshelf Reading Challenge - 1 books 
Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - 0 book 
Variety Genre Reading Challenge - 2 book 
Good Reads Reading Challenge - 5 books 
Reading Challenge Addict - 0 challenges  

Winners!  Winners! Winners!

Spring Cleaning

Winner is #197 Tabitha W. and #28Ashley W 
Congrats your mystery box of books is going in the mail this Saturday.
 April was crazy busy and I am sorry to all my blogging sisters out there.  I have not been visiting and commenting as much as I want to.  I miss you guys.  I didn't forget you at all I will be by to stop and visit you all soon.  Promise!

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