My Little Pocketbooks: Something Old, Something New #4   

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Something Old, Something New #4

Something Old, Something New is just a monthly post I am adding to my blog to give you a bit of news here there about me, books and the random things going on.

Something Old

There are a ton of books on my shelf that have been there collecting dust for awhile now.  That is old but I thought today I would share with you an ol' faithful.  I have a love for purses as well.  There are a few lot in my closet that would love to have a moment in the spotlight.  Today I present to you an old purse that I pull out every single spring since the first time I got it.
I got a Coach gift card years ago as a birthday present and of course I went to the Coach Outlet with it.  And I waited for a holiday weekend to go.  Why?  Because they have BIGGER sales on holiday weekends at the outlet.  So 55.8 miles and a long store line later I walked out with my good ol faithful purse.  Now it's about 6 years later and I still love her.  Books fit inside perfectly too!  As you can see I am not about trends and what is hot now.  I love somethings that are perfect for me and nothing else will do. 

Something New

BEA15 is coming and yes I am going.  This year I am going to try something new.  I usually share a room with other BEA'er at the Courtyard Marriott.  But this year I am going to go solo and at a new place.  I am kinda pissed at myself that I only booked the hotel for the length of BEA.  After everything was booked and done I see BookCon.
What the???  It looks so cool!  I want to do BookCon!
They have a better line up of authors and of course everyone will be there.  I was just focused on BEA and was not paying attention to the other things going on around that time.  Well that will teach me.  MAN!!!  *insert pouting face* 
Next year BEA16 will be in Chicago.  I hope BookCon moves to Chicago too so I can knock them both out at the same time.  When are they coming back to LA?  Can a West Coast Chic get a break!? 

What's something old and something new with you?

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