My Little Pocketbooks: Something Old, Something New #3   

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Something Old, Something New #3

Something Old Something New is just a monthly post I am adding to my blog to give you a bit of news here there about me, books and the random things going on.

Something Old

Hmmm....This another one that took me awhile to think about.  But a few months ago I found at TJMaxx an adult coloring book.  It's not adult like that but a coloring book for adults and I love it.  This coloring book is so beautiful.  (Click the cover to buy one for yourself)

 Each page is already filled with beautiful designs that make it virtually impossible to made an ugly design.  These pages do take time and I have a few I have started and not finished yet.  But I love this book.  It makes me feel like I am a real artist.  Heeheheee! 

Something New

This might not be a new thing to you but it's new to me.  
Did you know Amazon will let you host a giveaway on their site?  It's so easy too.  
You first go to a book or an item you want to giveaway.  I will use a book called Brown Girl Dreaming as an example.  Now scroll to the bottom of the page.
You see the button "SET UP A GIVEAWAY"
Click it!
Now you see it. Right?
You can pick the lucky number to win the giveaway or set it up as first come first serve giveaway.
You can pick the winning number(s) and you can grow you Twitter following by requiring entrants to follow you Twitter account.  
Hit the NEXT button!
Fill out the Welcome page and the Sorry Page as well as the Winning Page.  
Pay for it and you are done.
Amazon will send you a link when they are ready to make it live.  Then you can Tweet the link or add it to your Facebook page.  
I did one and it was soooo easy.  The only thing I didn't like is that I have no idea who won.  I just know someone won and I paid for it and it's done.
I love this and I think I might do this a few more times here and there.  

What is something old and something new going on in your world?

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