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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fave New To Me Authors

This month three bloggers are hosting a month long linky meme thing to promote your favorite things.  And guess what?  There is a giveaway too!  I love events with giveaways.
Here is the official blurb.
All December-long, Girlxoxo, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge will be sharing our fave bookish (and sometimes not-so-bookish) experiences from throughout the year AND we want YOU to join us! The schedule of topics is posted below – in some cases, we’ll be joining with other bloggers events – and other times, one of us will be hosting a link-up. Plus, there will be 3 GIVEAWAY WINNERS for a book of your choice from Book Depository. Every time you post on one of the topics below, and join the Linky on one of our 3 blogs – you’ll be entered to WIN!  

  5 Fave New To Me Authors

This year I think I read more new to me authors than my regular authors.  And I have to say, I can easily pick out 5 of them and give them the label as my faves of 2014.  But I tried my best.  Here are 5 new to me authors who knocked my socks off and I will read anything they write.
I love authors who come up with a completely new idea and concept.  The Returned was new in the plot and the ending I did not see coming at all.  That is a sign of a good writer to me.  (Click the cover to go to the book Amazon page) 
Brent Crawford is funny and he really really gets in the head of his freshman high school students.  He knows the characters and how they would and should react.  (Click the cover to go to the book Amazon page) 
*sigh*  A good love story is everything to me.  Rebecca swept me off my feet with this one.  It was short and sweet and just perfect.  There was nothing in the book that did not belong there. Nothing.  It was just right!  (Click the cover to go to the book Amazon page)
I was shocked I loved this book and I can't tell you why I was shocked.  I easily related to the female character and I love the twist and the turns her characters are taken on.  There was humor, new cultural situations and a deep understanding and look into race.   (Click the cover to go to the book Amazon page)
 If I was a writer I think I would write like I talk about be very casual about it.  Dawn writing is like sitting with a good friend as she is telling you a GREAT story.  There is a lesson in her stories and I love that the most.  (Click the cover to go to the book Amazon page)

There were other great new to me authors this year but I would have to say these 5 stood out the most. 
Who were some of your favorite new to me authors from your 2014 reading list?

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