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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Delight: Bout of Books Week

Happy Sunday Everyone!
How are you? Did you have a productive weekend?  Did you participate in the Bout of Books read-a-thon?  I did..kinda.  I hosted my first Bout of Books Mini-Challenge and it was amazing.  I have never had so many people participate in a non-hop giveaway. I loved the excitement and the fun everyone had with it.  I am going to post more about the Book Spine Poetry Challenge later and a wrap up of the Bout of Books event.

Here and Now

Time: 7:55 am
Drinking: Water
Eating:  I made egg fritatas for the first time and they came out perfect.  I made 6 with a biscuit bottom.  I love those the best. Those are the ones in the back that look like muffins.  My honey says he liked them but I can't tell if he was just being sweet.  I'll just take the compliment and move on.  LOL!
Egg fritatas with zucchini, onion, soy chorizo and cheese
Listening To: Gospel Radio on Pandora.
Watching: Nothing!

My Bookish Stuff

 Reading: The Last Dickens by Matthew Pearl
Listening To: Nothing yet!
Next Read: Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon (one day I will start this)
Up Coming Review: Carter Finally Gets It! by Brent Crawford

My Favorite Blog Post from Me

Bout of Books 11: Update and Winner
Bout of Books Challenge: Book Spine Poetry
Diversity on the Shelf: Approved Books pt. 7

Favorite Book Blogging Events and Links

Here are a few things I ran across this week from other book bloggers and just around the blogiverse.

The Book Vixen

What interesting blog post have you read this week?  Any new news?

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