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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Love This! #PicMonkey
Ever since The Book Wheel posted the awesome post "5 Easy Ways to Jazz Up Your Blog" on March 20 my life has been all about the Monkey.
PicMonkey is an online software you use to give your graphics text, boarders, turn them into collages and sooo much more. 
OMG!!  I am hooked on the Monkey.
Ever since I read the post, I have been trying my hand at it and I have to say...
I'm a graphic artist now!
Just for fun while I trying to figure out the program I created some AMAZING STUFF!!
This blog is about to take it up a notch.  Get ready to have your minds blown monkyied-out!  
Hit it Monkey Man!
My first one.  I took a simple stack of book picture I had an then played with the color, fade and framed it.  Then added some text to it (which they have a ton to pick from too).
I am trying to add more purse post to my blog (since that was the purpose) and I did this one as a test of layers and all the cool shapes they have.  I added the caption on there too!  Love it!
Simple headers are now the bomb business ya'll!!  I got to pick the banner the colors then I added text and I color matched the text.  Wham!

Collage time!  Yes I did this!!!
Yes I did! 
I added four book covers to a collage template then the tree.  Once all of that was done and a frame was added.  Did I mention to you how much I love this?!  I am hooked like a crack head.  
Now check these out.
 This is a sample of what I am thinking about doing for my book reviews.  I didn't read this book by the way, I just picked it to see how long the process would take and to see if I like the outcome and the answer is...HELL YEAH!!!!  So and are going to get married and make my blog the happiest and prettiest place on Earth.

And did I mention it's FREE.  Now you know I love free.
Ok everyone you have to check out

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