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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Delight: Starting Something New

I decided to do something a little different here at My Little Pocketbooks.  I'm thinking about about calling it Sunday Delight (the name is still a work in progress)  Basically, this will be like Sunday Salon and the Sunday Post.  This is still a work in progress, so bare with me.

Here and Now

Time: 9:55pm
Drinking: My first 24.7oz bottle of water and a cup of Green Tea with Honey
Eating:  Just finished Indian Dinner (yummy!)
Listening To: The Brand New Heavies Radio on Pandora
Watching: Nothing

Bookish Stuff

Listening To: Nothing yet cause I just finished Divergent
Next Read: The Aloha Quilt


Weight: 190 lbs
Days Worked Out: 7

 Excited About

I mentioned in a post last year that I was getting back into belly dancing.  Well I have been dancing for a year now.  YEAH!  I am thrilled about moving up to Level 2.5 - 3 in ATS Bellydance class.  This is such a great workout that is seriously fun.  The women I dance with are the best. I love the many opportunities my wonderful dance instructor Lizet gives us to dance outside of class.  So I'm excited that I have danced three dance days this week.  One class (Thursday night with Lizet). One performance (Saturday drum circle) and one workshop (Sunday morning with Jen from Twisted Gypsy)  
Here are a few pictures from a performance we did last year.

Favorite Blog Post from Me

Other Bloggish Stuff

Bloggiesta is currently under way and it's going well.  I have cleaned up My Library page and My Challenge page.  (click the button in the top menu to see)  I did a bit of commenting on other blogs and I have all my Feedly blogs in a category finally.  Now it's time to delete a few 100 of them.  
And I found out about from Beacause Reading is Better than Life.  
It's AMAZING!!!!  
Put your cursor over the book below and see what I mean.

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