My Little Pocketbooks: 2013 Wrap Up!   

Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Wrap Up!

Can you believe 2013 is over?  Wow!
Last year I did my first ever end of the year wrap up post and I thought I would do another one this year. This year was a bit of a challenge trying to keep this blog up and running.  Yes!  Blogging is a learning process and I have to learn how to budget, schedule and manage my time a little bit more.  For one, much more organized and focus about my blog than I was at the beginning of this journey but I still need to work on the time management. 
So here are the stats for my second year with My Little Pocketbooks
Well here is a few of the great highlights from my first year with My Little Pocketbooks.
First Blog Post of the Year 
First Comment From
Same person as last year.  

From 30,000 hits to 69,600 hits

Completed 57 books this year
  36 were audiobooks
6 got "I Love It!" (5 stars)
 44 Authors were new to me
19 books were from my bookshelves
Completed 3 series
19 books by male authors
  3 were Non-Fiction 
  1 was a Poetry Books 
1 book I Did Not Finish 

Reading Challenges - 7 entered and completed
I ran my first 5K!!  
God!  It feels like a million years ago.  I need to get back to running.  Note to self...I need to add that to my 2014 New Years Resolutions.
 I attend Book Expo America 2013!
WOW!  That was a crazy book hauling experience.  And I am currently prepping myself and my place now for 2014.

Attended Book Signings
1.  Monda Web for Red Clay Dirt at the Mayme Clayton Museum
3.  Marie Lu signed Champion at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore
4.  Rebbecca Walker signed Ade at Esowon Bookstore


I attended all the Mocha Girls Read book club meetings except one due to a wedding.  As always I love sharing and chit chatting about our monthly selections.  We also had several book swaps, and a book club anniversary party.  
Also this year Mocha Girls Read got a Book Club of the Year award and a our 4th Chapter in San Diego. Ca. is up and running.

As you can see this has been a great bookish year.
I am so thankful for all the followers, the authors, the publishing companies and of course the other book bloggers for welcoming me into their community.  Still so thrilled and loving it all!
As this year closes, it is time to get ready to celebrate my blogs 2nd B-day!
So you know what that means....


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