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Monday, August 26, 2013

Giveaway: Audiobook and Stuff

I was planning to do this wayyyyyy back in June during Audiobook Month and completely slacked on it.  Sorry I will make it up to you all.  I will host another giveaway to make up for the one I missed in July and another one for this month.  How is that?  3 giveaways starting today!  Just for you.

The rules are easy.  One, fill out the rafflecopter form.  Two, must be in the US.  (Cause I am poor and it cost tons of money to ship stuff out of the county)  Three, enter one or all the giveaways. 

Yep, told you!  It's easy.  
8/26/2013 until 9/30/2013
Giveaway #1 
I really enjoyed Spy Killer by L. Ron Hubbard (Review).  So when I saw them at BEA 2013, you know I hit them up for a free audiobook.  OK!  Maybe more than one.  One for you and two for me!  LOL!  I will share the others.  (Maybe)
Giveaway #2
I have a few copies of books I know I will never get to. So I thought I would give one of them to you.  This book will include a journal with it.  Something about journals and YA.  There are liek peanut butter and jelly. 
Giveaway #3
If you didn't see the movie then here is the signed paperback from BEA 2013 just for you.  The book is ALWAYS better than the movie anyways.  So if you read it then you are a millions miles ahead of the movie crowd.  

Good Luck Everyone!

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