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Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Cover: Kevin's Point of View

Last year I received a book by the name of Kevin's Point of View from the books author Del Shannon for review.  It was one of my first books from an author for review.  After reading it, I gave the book 5 out 5 stars because it held my attention and was a great children's adventure. 
Recently, Del Shannon emailed me to let me know his book has a new cover.  But before I reveal the new cover I want to tell you a bit of information about the old cover.
So from what I have heard, the old cover was from a drawing a young reader drew after reading the book.  The picture was from a scene in the book of Kevin in the bathroom.  I love that Del thought enough of his young readers to have them involved in the creative process of his writing this book.  How cool is that?!  
Old Cover with Old Title
Now are you ready for the new and improved cover.  The 2.0 version.
Hold on to your hats, purses and belts.
Ladies (and gents) here is the new cover......

How cool is that?  All the elements of the story are there!  Even the pizza delivery bug/car.  Did you notice the new name CAPTAIN DISASTER Book 1: The Influxitron.  I see a part 2 coming soon!  
Go and check out this fun read.  No really!  It was fun!
Here is the book info for you.  

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