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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reading Habits

Every since I started blogging about books (all of one year and three months) I have noticed a few things have changed in regards to my reading habits.  I mean it's not a real big deal, but I think it kinda goes to show you a community of people has an influence on you whether you notice it or not.   It may be a good influence, like helping others.  Or a bad act like committing a crime but like Grandma always said "Birds of a feather..." No she never finished it.  Just the first part and nothing more.  LOL! 
For some crazy unexplained reason, I wanted to share these new and different reading habits I have picked up or dropped because of you.  Yes! You!  The person reading this blog.  You!  Book bloggers mostly read this blog so this ones for you. :-)

New Habits
1.  Counting My Reads
I never, ever thought about counting how many books I have read in a year.  Much less count how many books I have sitting around unread.  Or what about how many books I have read in a month.  In real, life people just read books.  There is no counting in reading!  FYI, here is my current count so far.  *hehehee*

2.  Reading More YA
I read YA when I was a YA.  I also read all the Harry Potter books as they came out as an adult.  But dang!  Now my YA reading is...umm..about 40%-ish of my overall reading.  Say what!?  I am not happy, sad, or upset about this.  Just making a note about it.  I have to say that I was a genre for a month or two type of person.  But it seems YA is slowly moving in more and more.

3.  Making A Reading List
Currently, I have a Word file on my desk top called "Books to Read in 2013".  I know right!  And it's all the books I have in my house divided up my ARC, Audiobooks (Audible and Overdrive are separate), E-books and Books.  I have completed the Audible list and now I am pushing through the Overdrive list.  It would never have occurred to me to make a list before book blogging.  I mentioned my list to the book club ladies once and they all looked at me like I was....OCD!  Wait!  Am I OCD about my books now?  Crap!

4.  Planning My Reads For The Week
I remember when I started book blogging, I would read post from other bloggers about "Next Up", "Reading List for (insert month)".  I thought that was crazy!  I would read a book and then pick up the next one based on how I was feeling at that moment, book length to activity level ratio, and interest.  Length to activity is always a factor for me.  That is a special equation that I use in my head.  Right now, I can't believe I have figured out the next 4 books I am going to read for the month of April already.  I even wrote them down.  Who does that?  Oh wait....
Busy week = Short Book
Easy week = Bigger Book 
Chuckster = Yeah Right! 

5.  Reading Hype Books
I believe in the power of PROMOTION.  I believe in the power of a great recommendation. I even believe in the power in commercials.    Hype books are sometimes a good thing like The Immortal Life of Henritta Lacks (Review)  and The Fault of Our Stars (Review).  I would totally recommend these books to friends and family.  But what the heck?  Book bloggers seem to talk about the same 10 books FOOORREEVVERRR!!  OMG!  Really!  When a book is on everyone's top ten list, reading list, book of the year list and just general shout out I seem to give in to it.  There are currently 10 or so books on my bookshelf right now that I bought solely based on the hype/peer pressure from you guys.  For so long I was the lone wolf who read books no one heard of, until now.  *sigh*

6.  Power Reading 
I know there is no one sitting somewhere waiting for my review of a book.  I know!  I do! But I feel like sometimes I need to read and review a book quick, fast and in a hurry.  Why?  I don't know.  I just do!  Every Monday a review HAS to be up.  So now I will "POWER" read a book just to make my self imposed deadline.  Power reading is the same as speed read or cramming a book in.  Can we say bye bye to leisure reading?  I see so many book bloggers running through 3 to 5 books a week.  WTF?  Really?  How do you retain anything on one plot?  I wish I could!!  I average 1 book a week and that counts audiobooks.     

7.  Talking to Authors
I was never an author fan type of person except for Judy Blume (when I was a kid), Dean Koontz (when I was a teen) and Anne Rice (as an adult).  Everyone else I didn't pay attention to at all.  Like movies, I am about the story.  ONLY!  And I have no idea who wrote it or directed it.  If it was a bad story then I would just move on to another book.  I would have never just written off an author from a bad read.  I couldn't even tell you who wrote it anyways.  So how would I know if I picked up another book by that person.  But now that I blog, I get emails, tweets and facebook post from authors.  I even attend book signings now!  I NEVER EVER did that before blogging.  EVER!
I am not saying these are bad things or good things.  Just new things! There are probably more but that is all that comes to mind at the moment.
Has book blogging changed your reading habits?  In a good way?  What has changed for you? 

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