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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Fling Is Here!

Kate Spade Wild Flower Tote
 Guess what today is?  The first day of Spring!! 
You know what that means.  No more cold!  Yeah!  I love summer and we are just one season away from crazy hot weather.  YEAH!  
I don't consider myself a fashionista at all!  But one thing I do love about spring are the new spring fashions and colors.  After winters dark colors and heavy fabrics, Spring comes along with all this color and FLOWERS.
What girl doesn't like flowers?  Spring, flowers, and purses.  Right!
Several designer handbag companies are in the same mindset this Spring.  Here are a few (crazy expensive) purses from some top name designers.
Introducing Spring 2013...

 Kate Spade
1.  Grove court floral harmony baby bag $398.00 
2.  Grove court floral cora $198.00 
3.  Grove court floral maise $318.00 
Tony Birch
1.  Small Printed Robinson Double Zip Tote  $395.00
2.  Printed Robinson Zip Continental Wall $195.00
3.  Small Printed Robinson Double Zip Tote  $395.00
1.   Diana Flora Canvas Bamboo $1490
2.   Mini Infinity Flora Print Zip Top Pouch $180
3.   Large Flora Infinity Canvas Tote $670

Dolce and Gabbana Spring Break.
Floral Prints on Floral Prints with a touch of more Floral Print.  I am not that fashion forward yet to actually wear this outfit but I love it on the model.  And you know I lovvee that bag.  It's not 100% Floral Print.  More like vacation print. 
Dolce and Gabbana 
1. and 2.  FOULARD PRINT ESCAPE $ 1,795.00

I've purchased my new Easter dress already and I think a nice floral clutch would look prefect with it.  Off to the stores!  
What are some of your favorite things about spring fashion?  Do you have or are you going to get a floral print purse this year?

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