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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pocketbooks to Show Your Love

I love Valentine's Day!  I love the colors of the holiday and the meaning behind it all.  I even try and get a new red or pink outfit together for the day.  Nothing over the top like a red heart shaped sweater.  Nothing like that all.  I try to keep it simple and just a little something to show my love.  LOL!  But I this year I might switch it up and just get a pocketbooks to show my love.  I was window (online) shopping and ran across a few cute Valentine's Day inspired purses.  Maybe just a new purse!  I love having an excuse to buy a new bag.  Look what I ran across.  Click on the image to go the shop and see for yourself.

1.  If that bag was cheaper I would so be all over that one.  2.  I need a dressing evening gown for that one.  And dinner on the Eiffel Tower.  How romantic!  3.  I could pack all my stuff in that one and have room for a book.  4.  This one is a travel bag and comes with matching suitcases.  Spreading the love all over the world.

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