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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Black History Month: Best Inspirational Books

I love getting a boost every once in awhile.  Sometimes we all need them!  There are some amazing inspirational books out there that are just what the doctor ordered.  The books below are by Black Authors but are not just for Black folks.  They are meant to uplift your spirit, get you on the right track, and help you break a few of those "bad" habits.  Here are just a few inspirational books by Black Authors that I think are wonderful and you should check them out.  Trust me you'll see why.

Author: Iyanla Vanzant
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up is a program of inspiration and motivation that will help you work through problems and improve your emotional and spiritual health. Through exercises and readings, Iyanla provides you with the tools to tap into your strengths and make your dreams come true. One Day My Soul Just Opened Up will open your mind, heart, and soul to the truth of your identity as a creative and powerful being.
Author: Les Brown
Here is Les Brown's personal formula for success and happiness -- positively charged thoughts, guidance, examples, plus an Action Planner to help you focus your thoughts on specific goals...and achieve them all. The answers are all here in this astonishing book -- with one simple, powerful message: We may not always be able to control what is put in our path, but we can always control what we are...and what we will become.
Author: T.D. Jakes
T.D. Jakes offers readers of the New York Times bestseller Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits a collection of scripture and quotes that provides the spiritual underpinnings of his message about applying Christian principles to adjust to the many changes that life brings.
Reposition Yourself, the narrative book, uses wisdom collected from more than thirty years of Jakes's experience counseling and working with high-profile and everyday people on financial, relational, and spiritual creativity on the path to an enriched life filled with contentment at every stage.
Reposition Yourself Reflections collects the words that ground Reposition Yourself solidly in biblical teachings. Reflections is an essential keepsake, to carry with you in moments when inspiration and encouragement are needed.
Author: Jo Lean Johnson; Steven Charles Martin; Kevin Fleming
Do you want a relationship worth having? Get the help you need with Relationships and Adult Conversations, Strategic Planning for Love & War with a musical twist. The first ever...Strategic Planning for Love and War is not only a book; it's an experience that pairs life's relationships with a soulful backdrop of the best R&B music from the past 30 years. For every relationship high and low, there is a song that tells the story. Money, sex, danger, hurt, healing, the things people won't talk about, and life issues of all kinds are addressed. For those single, dating, married, divorced, looking, or anywhere in between, it's all in here. Get to the heart of why people struggle, why men and women see love and relationships differently, and what to do about it. Let the rhythm get into you. Through Relationships and Adult Conversations, have the greatest love of all.

 What Inspirational Books have you read by Black Authors?  Have you read any of these books?

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