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Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Wrap Up!

So here is my Bloggiesta Wrap! 

At the end of Friday (Day 1) I had completed the following things:
1.  Commented on 13 blogs
2.  Posted Blogfest 2012 post for this blog and Mocha Girls Read blog
3.  Finished the review of An Open Weave
4.  Started the review of Hellbent
5.  Read and/or commented on the following post.
-Tanya from Girlxoxo lists 20 (plus) Discussion Post Ideas to get our creative juices rolling. (@iAteApie)
-Maria from Once Upon a Story encourages us to Get Personal and write posts about ourselves. (@NoVaLibraryMom)
-Hannah from Word Lily challenges us to Catch up on Reviews! (@Wordlily) Vicky from Books, -Biscuits and Tea lists for us the differences between WordPress and Blogger to help you make a decision if you are thinking about switching. (@bookswithacuppa)

Sadly to say that was the extend of my Bloggiesta this year.  Yes!!  Saturday, I hosted my first Facebook Book Club Meeting for 32 Candles with the author and members.  It was FANTASTIC!  I loved it and we had a great time.  That was one hour after I got home from my first day of Boot Camp at LA Fitness, so I went to the shower after the meeting.  Since I was home alone there was no reason to rush and get the funk off of me. (The joys of singlehood!)  So I have no idea why I didn't just sit down and complete a few more things off of my Boggiesta To Do List after that.  For some reason the need to read over took me and that was the day.

Then Sunday came along and I woke up crazy late for no reason at all and I planned on getting the top 5 things on my list done but..... I wanted to go shopping for a new bra.  I knowww!  It's has nothing at all to do with Bloggiesta but when the need hits me it hits me.  One tank top, one pair of panties, two skirts and two bras latter I was home completing the laundry and getting ready for bed.

Right now, it's Monday morning at I'm at Jury Duty trying to knock out a few things so I can at least say I tried.  LOL!
1.  Completed the update of the sidebar widgets.
2.  Fixed the links on the Library Page.
3.  Updated the Review Page.
4.  Completed 2 reviews.

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